Bicycle Sunday At Cañada Road Needs a Little Cashola



One of our favorite things to do on Sundays is sneak off to Cañada road on a bike and enjoy the quiet and safety of riding on the open road surrounded by beautiful scenery, beautiful people and families enjoying a crisp ride on the edge of Crystal Springs Reservoir on the Peninsula. 

The smell of pines, the ocean air, the warm sun and the cool ocean air and fog, all combine to make for a perfect riding experience and a way to meditate on two wheels. 

This expanse of road is full of excellent nature views and real wildlife. There's even a Greek style water temple and park, plus and a beautiful mansion and garden grounds. 

We ride here alone and we ride here with friends and family. The road is easy enough to accomplish for riders of all ages. Riders on triathlon bikes mix it up with riders on training wheels. It's bicycling at it's best. 

As a bike shop, we know that many of our customers buy our bikes with the specific intent of riding on Cañada road and enjoying this place in our back yard. 

If this great resource went away, life would be a lot less great than it is now. Just think how many smiles Bicycle Sunday generates each weekend. Just think how much health Bicycle Sunday promotes each weekend. Each Sunday Cañada is filled with families, individuals, young kids, old couples, athletes, walkers, skaters and watchers getting out and having fun. 

At the moment, the San Mateo Parks and Rec department is looking to raise some back-up funds to keep Bicycle Sundays Running in the event of a shortfall in official funds. This is great and we approve. 

The folks behind the event have set up a private investment channel via Citizenvester to take in donations and to keep track of it all.

We think this is great and we highly recommend giving in to the cause with whatever small donation you can muster. 

Bicycle Sunday Citizenvester Campaign to fund Bicycle Sunday for Three Months

Come on San Mateo County! Get it together and help out this great program. 

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