In The Most Excellent Deal Category: The 2013 AR4 Felt Road Bike



To stay fresh and hot and young and desirable and good-smelling, bike companies need to come out with great new stuff every year, or die. It just works that way. The bicycle industry is competitive and the larger companies all like to one up each other with tricks of the trade. What this means for riders like you, as that you get to take advantage of end of season savings when inventory is a little too heavy in certain models. That inventory is heavy, typically has no bearing on the good or bad quality of a bike model- it normally just means there's left over stock. So, it's a great time to buy a bike. 


The Felt A4 2013 Road Bike sold earlier in the year for $2500. We have it on sale for $1699 and it's a great, great, bike and a great, great buy


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  • joe witherspoon