Rent A Bike Next Time You Are In Town


Here's a grand idea. Next time you're staying in Silicon Valley, for biz or pleasure- rent a bike. Just do it. 

Think of it. Your work day is done. You're in California. You're free. Hop on a bike and go explore your environs. We've got trails and paths and secluded tree-lined roads all over the place. Soak up the scenery and let it purify your soul and your mind. 

Or, why not make your bike your meeting facility? Rent a pair of bikes and take your client out on a ride. Discuss some biz. Make plans to rule the world. Who does that? 

Or, hop on a bike and go meet some friends. You're in California. Who needs a car? It never rains and the weather is always perfect. 


Call our staff and book your rental. We'll even drop off and pick up the bike for you, if you want. 

Suburbanbikes rents Hybrid, Road and Mountain Bikes. 

Ask you hotel concierge to call us, or call us directly. 

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  • joe witherspoon