10 Reasons Why We Are The Best Place To Get Your Ebike Serviced in the San Francisco Bay Area



If you own an ebike, chances are you'll eventually need service on it. The best place to get your bike serviced, repaired or fixed is Motostrano Suburbanbikes and here's why: 

Reason 1. We like ebikes! We specialize in Ebikes and it's one of our core focuses. A lot of bike shops work on bikes. A lot of ebike shops say they work on ebikes. Most traditional bike shops don't have a lot experience with ebikes. Most ebike shops don't have a lot of experience with ebikes. Our mechanics and staff have a lot of experience with both ebikes and standard bikes. This translates directly to our work on your ebike. 


Reason 2. We're ebike dealers and we're regular bike dealers too. A bike shop that focuses sole on one or the other is limited in terms of the parts they have access to and the bikes they have worked on. We are authorized dealers of the top brands of ebike and we're able to get parts for most brands of ebike and regular bike. 


Reason 3. We do bikes with and without motors. Over 20 years combined experience in bicycles, motorcycles and other modes of 2-wheel transport. There's a lot of enthusiast business interest in ebikes and with that comes a lot of inexperience. We're experienced. 


Reason 4. We're friendly and want to help. Our staff is friendly and helpful. A lot of bike shops are staffed by grumpy bike people or bike snobs. We're not that. 


Reason 5. We have 2 locations  in the Bay Area to serve you and just may open another one soon! Convenience. If you live in San Francisco or the North Bay you can visit our SF store. If you live on the Peninsula or the South Bay you can visit our Redwood City location 


Reason 6. We can pick up and drop off your bike if needed! We have a truck! A small fee may apply for pick up and delivery. 


Reason 7. We can get the job done. If we can't we'll be upfront about it. We can't fix everything and many ebikes just can't be fixed, either because parts are no longer available, or, the bike isn't made to be repaired, as is often the case with inexpensive Chinese-made ebikes that come to the US market via Ebay and other exclusively online channels. 


Reason 8. We are reliable. We say what we do, mean and so forth. 


Reason 9. We are trust worthy. We are honest and charge you for the work we do and if we can offer a better deal we will. 


Reason 10. We are serious about ebikes like you. We ride ebikes. We commute on them and we recreate on them. We also ride regular bikes! 


There's more reasons, but we'll let you find out. 

We fix and service all brands and models. We are dealers for A2B, BH EasyMotion, Stromer, Currie, Eflow, Izip, Juiced, Stealth and a bunch of others!






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