A Shiny Silver Suit Isn't Required To Ride A Vanmoof But It Is Encouraged



Suburbanbikes / Motostrano is now an official sponsor of SFBIKE.ORG and to kick of our sponsorship partnership we donated a VANMOOF for auction at the SFBIKE Winterfest event last night. Fun times. It's always a pleasant site to watch people interact with the incredible, the amazing Vanmoof bicycle. Unlike any other bicycle any of the other shops brought to the event, we were proud to offer a bike of unique style and features. 

The Vanmoof bike caught many eyes and produced many oohs and aaahs and question marks and ideas. The Vanmoof is, after all, more than just a bicycle. 

These are bikes that call to mind a spirit of creativity that is ideal for San Francisco riding in every way. 


 This is part of the reason why the Vanmoof is so intriguing. This was a fun event and we look forward to helping many many San Francisco Bicycle Coalition members in the years to come. We also hope that the bike auction raised plenty of cash for the group 




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  • joe witherspoon