Bike Rental - Redwood City, California

Renting a bike in Redwood City made possible by Suburbanbikes in Redwood City. Hybrid, Road and Mountain bikes are available for daily or weekly basis. Where possible, we'll deliver your bike rental to your door. Renting a bike for the day during your stay is a wonderful idea and a beautiful way to spend the day. 

With a bike rental you can:

- enjoy an amazing ride with no cars on any Sunday at Cañada Rd 

- tour the Bay Trail along the San Francisco Bay from Burlingame to Sunnyvale

- hop on the Caltrain and head up to San Francisco to take a ride on the Embarcadero and even over the GG Bridge. 

- take a tour of Silicon Valley and see all the HQ buildings of your favorite web companies

- roam around the Stanford campus, go shopping at the Stanford Shopping Center and University Ave.