Electric bikes are excellent, low-cost and low-maintenance one-person fleet vehicles for businesses, security companies, law enforcement and city operations departments. E-bikes get where 4-wheel vehicles can't go and cost nearly nothing to fuel and maintain. They also help keep work forces healthy, alert and active. 

We can help with these frequent applications and industries:

  • Security Services - simple, personal mobility is important for security and monitoring personnel and our e-bikes are reliable and safe alternatives to products like a Segway. Our e-bikes are perfect for security companies looking for mobility transport for large campuses, airports and urban centers. 
  • Law Enforcement - dense urban environments make for the perfect landscape for an e-bike patrol and our e-bikes can be specifically tailored for this use. No fuel expense. Durable.
  • Fire, Search, Rescue - bikes can get where other vehicles often can't go. Off-road e-bikes help reach stranded hikers on steep unpaved paths, use to enter parks and beaches. 
  • Large Corporate Facilities - large companies with multiple campuses offer e-bikes to staff and guests in place of interoffice shuttles. Google, Facebook, Apple can use e-bikes to quickly move between departments without arriving to meetings sweaty or out of breath. 
  • City Governments - for short intercity trips, there's nothing more efficient than a e-bike for around town mobility. The tackle hills with ease and also project a progressive approach to urban mobility for your town. 

Use Case Scenarios

  • A local fire department needed a suitable bike to reach hikers and bikers stranded on a mountain hiking path accessible only by foot. We proposed an off-road fat tire electric bike powered by BOSCH equipped with a carrying trailer for gear that would allow rescue teams to quickly locate and provide relief to stranded hikers on trail without disturbing the trail or the rescue personnel. 
  • A local security services firm has a fleet of e-bikes they use for large commercial campuses. We provide service and maintenance service to their locations around the bay area. 
  • A city municipal office needed away for its parking enforcement staff to get in and out of dense urban environments. A fleet of 3 specially outfitted e-bikes enable parking staff to travel all over town, with a small footprint, enabling sidewalk parking and easy in/out maneuverability. 
  • A local internet media company required a way to transport files easily from one business complex to another. We supplied 4 electric cargo bikes for this large campus, allowing for a safer and more graceful way to transport files and other goods from office to office by bike. 
  • A local entrepreneur wanted to start a coffee stand to set up at Pac Bell park. An electric cargo bike was the perfect solution. 
  • A university campus needed a fleet of e-bikes to help its security staff cover the complete university grounds and surrounding neighborhoods, parking facilities and class rooms. A fleet of five e-bikes for staff allowed security personnel to easily go from inner campus walking path, to parking structures, outlaying neighborhoods and also inside university structures safely and silently.